Music Theory
The language of music

Study Music Theory with Dean Tsur, a Juilliard Graduate

Take your music to the next level

Music theory is a very helpful tool for instrumentalist, composers, arrangers and improvisers.  It enables musicians to organize and categorize sounds so that we can later use them in our music. Now offering music theory classes as well as private lessons in your home or in the studio.


Dean Tsur is an award-winning musician and bandleader, based in New York City. He has won the North American Saxophone Alliance Jazz Competition, and was semifinalist in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. Dean has written many pieces for strings, big bands, and his own saxophone choir.

Teaching Methods

Dean provides comprehensive teaching methods of music theory, based on his studies of classical composition techniques and jazz theory at two of the world’s leading music schools: The Juilliard School and Berklee College of Music.

Lesson Goals

The lessons goal is to understand the student’s musical vision and provide efficient solutions and suggestions while helping the student grow musically. 

Learning Music Theory: Topics

  • How to write what you hear and hear what you write
  • Harmony: chords, voice leading, and analysis
  • Scales and how to use them
  • Intervals
  • Jazz and popular music theory
  • Writing a lead sheet
  • Arranging for multiple instruments
The Dean Tsur Saxophone Choir performing at Beechman Theatre, NYC

Music theory classes from a professional arranger/composer

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