Dean’s Jazz Resources

Recommended Jazz clubs in NYC:

Dizzy’s Club
A super nice space with views to centeral park. Saturday nights are especially lively and once a month they have great swing dance parties.

Although it’s a small basement, it’s the center of the jazz scene in NYC. They have jam sessions every night going until 3-4AM. My musical home in NY.

A great club to go hear some of the best musicians in the world in an intimate setting. Try to catch Johnny O’neal if you can. He’s an amazing pianist and singer.

A nice club with great performances. I like the atmosphere during the late sets.

Ear Inn
It’s New York’s oldest bar. On Sundays at 8pm they have a great band that plays early jazz (New Orleans style and swing), there’s a great atmosphere, and they serve great soups!

Village Vanguard 
The leading jazz club in NY. Great space and atmosphere, top-notch bands, but a little bit more touristic.

Jazz History Resources

The Red Hot Jazz Archive 
An incredible resource to learn in detail about specific jazz musicians and bands before 1930.

Jazz: A film by Ken Burns
A great miniseries that gives an overview of the history of jazz including interviews with many jazz musicians.

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