The Flute
Old as The Wind

Learn to Play the Flute from a Juilliard Graduate

The flute is oldest known instrument; Flutes dating as early as 40,000 BCE have been found. Playing the flute requires good control of air, throat, and muscles around the mouth. When all of these work well together, the flute can sound from very elegant to extremely powerful and rhythmic.


Dean Tsur is an award-winning musician and bandleader, based in New York City. He has won the North American Saxophone Alliance Jazz Competition, and was semifinalist in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. Dean has earned his Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School.

Learning the Flute: Topics

  • Classical flute technique: fingering, sound, embouchure, and posture.
  • How to read and write melodies and harmonies
  • Learn songs according to your interest
  • Classical repertoire
  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm
  • Improvisation
Dean performing on the flute
Dean performs regularly at New York’s leading jazz venues such as Dizzy’s Club, Blue Note, and Smalls

Flute lessons from a professional performing musician

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